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CA Dr Sunil Gupta Deemed-guilty before judicial judgment

The essence of justice says that every person is innocent unless proven guilty. And the authority lies with the judiciary to adjudge a person guilty of an offence. My purpose of writing will become evident in case I quote the instance of a father and mother affirmed shamefaced to have killed their daughter. And you know the names.

Zulfiqar Shah Don't trap Sindh!

The time has come for Sindhi, especially Sindhi in Diaspora, to seriously opt for taking the formal case of Sindh in the United Nations on the basis of historical treaties signed between sovereign country of Sindh and the Britain before Britain's invasion of Sindh as well as crimes committed by the State of Pakistan and its ethno-communal mercenaries against Sindhi. This has become necessary especially after the recent blackmailing attempts by the sate-cronies.

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