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Indian Super League 2016

Citizen columnist

Zulfiqar Shah Sindh-Balochistan: Participation in Pakistan military and security versus Asia's largest military concentration

Asia's largest military concentration is in Sindh and Balochistan by Pakistan armed forces and services. If compared with the population vis-a-vis vast terrain in Balochistan, the military-civilian ratio in Balochistan, as well as in Sindh would be alarming.

Virag Madaari in fathers and the father in Madaari

"Daddy's Little Girl", "My Princess", "My Angel" and the list goes on. One would find a plethora of social memes depicting the filial bond between a father and a daughter. But it would be tough to find that such caring and loving memes to showcase a father's love for his son. At best, one would find, "Like Father, Like Son".

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